The Best Things to Do near Owosso, MI

Deep in the palm of Michigan lie St. Johns and Owosso, two small towns with a lot of fun things to do. Come make memories with your family this summer at some of our best local attractions. We'll highlight some of the fan favorites so you can understand why a vacation in St. Johns is highly underrated.

St. Johns

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Address: 8614 US-127, St Johns, MI
Hours: 11AM - 5PM (only open weekends)

If you're looking for a fun night out, or you're looking for sugar to satiate your sweet tooth, Uncle John's is the place to be. A quaint barn in the fields of Michigan, this cider mill has dozens of homemade drink options and freshly baked pies that will make your stomach sing with delight. You can also buy their farm-grown apples.

Get lost in the corn maze, explore the historic farm grounds, or stroll through the sunflower fields. Young ones can even pick out a pumpkin! Uncle John's has something to do for visitors of every age!

Motz Park

Address: 4630 N Dewitt Rd, St Johns, MI
Hours: 8AM - 8:45PM

Ideal for the outdoorsman, Motz Park has the only beach in St. Johns. Relax near the water, go for a swim, take your boat out for a ride, or go fishing on the pier. Motz Park has everything you might need if you want a natural vacation without camping.


Address: 1130 S Dewitt Rd, St Johns, MI
Hours: 10AM - 4:30PM

If you're bringing children along and want them to do something educational (but fun), then IQHub is a great option. This event center gives your kids the reins in learning about agriculture and science. Events are held throughout the year, so if you're interested in visiting, take a look at the schedule.


Steam Railroading Institute

Address: 405 S Washington St, Owosso, MI

The biggest draw to Owosso has to be the local steam train. This rustic locomotive comes straight from the 19th century, and is a magical experience to come and ride. If this is a major draw for you, make sure you grab tickets for the train ride long before you arrive.

North Pole Express

The most iconic event you can experience when you come to the railroading institute is the journey to the North Pole. Inspired by the Polar Express, this Christmas event will take you on a magical journey to Saint Nick's abode. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa as you sit in the 50s-style train car with festive decor lining the interior. Reserve it fast, it's popular.

Owosso Speedway

Address: 7204 W M 21, Ovid, MI

Sitting in between Owosso and St. Johns is the most thrilling attraction—the racetrack. From May to October, drivers from all over Michigan and the United States come here to duke it out on the pavement.

When you check the official website for the speedway, you can learn about all the drivers, about the track, and about each event with pricing.

Curwood Castle

Address: 224 Curwood Castle Dr, Owosso, MI
Hours: 1PM - 5PM

Come explore the best museums in Owosso. Known for its distinct architecture and luxurious history, Curwood Castle stands out as one of the most impressive historical sites in town. The castle is named after the owner, a famous writer and journalist by the name of James Oliver Curwood.

Each one of these fun attractions will add something to your vacation experience. Whether you have the luxury of enjoying an outdoor nature walk or you spend your night screaming for the drivers as they cross the finish line, the Owosso - St. John's area is something you can't overlook.